Why Choose TJ Sagoo Trucking?

Why Choose TJ Sagoo Trucking?

Simple.  We provide premier level gravel, sand and aggregate transportation solutions.

We are constantly challenging ourselves at TJ Sagoo Trucking to set new standards in quality and performance through leadership, respect and commitment. With 100% satisfaction guaranteed, you will have peace of mind that all of your aggregate and delivery needs will be met by qualified professionals who care about your project and your completion date. TJ Sagoo Trucking is committed to a safe working environment, building relations through hard work, environmental respect, and proactive project management.

TJ Sagoo Trucking values customer satisfaction and continuously strives for excellence at all levels of service provision. Customer satisfaction is achieved through an accurate assessment of the customer’s needs and then developing a thorough customized service package to meet specified needs in a timely manner. In a nutshell our outlook can be described by:

Integrity: Every Action taken by TJ Sagoo Trucking management will be coupled with the utmost integrity and honesty. Integrity means doing business of sound moral principle.


Service: TJ Sagoo Trucking is in the business of providing dependability, and knowledge, that is backed with professionalism. We develop strong relationship with our employees and customers, and follow through on what we say we will do. That’s our way of being a full service company. TJ Sagoo Trucking is committed to 100% customer satisfaction by providing service in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

People: People are our most valuable asset. We recognize quality people and reward their performance on an individual basis. That’s what makes up our bottom line!

We will tailor logistics and services to meet your project needs and budgets. Our programs consist of professional and systematic approaches to meeting your project requirements. All employees at TJ Sagoo Trucking adhere to strict quality control programs to maintain consistency in service provision throughout your project. In addition, TJ Sagoo Trucking highly values the environment and is committed to green compliance and environmental sustainability.

TJ Sagoo Trucking guarantees customer satisfaction with reliable and efficient service! You can trust us to fulfill all of your aggregate and gravel requirements along with reliable gravel, sand and aggregrate transportation. TJ Sagoo Trucking offers only the best service in a very competitive market through providing high quality aggregate products, sand and gravel, and delivery services.

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Shop address – #8 Liberty Road, Sherwood Park, Alberta. T8H 2J6